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Cultural studies

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Cultural studies

„On the Continent people have good food; in England people have good table manners.”
George Mikes


















When somebody visits some foreign country ,he or she wants to know everything about people who live there. They want to learn about their culture, about places of historical interest and of course about their household and national cuisine. Every country has its typical cuisine. The most popular food in Czech republic is dumplings with various sauces. The most popular food in China is rice with meat or vegetables; in Italy it is pasta also with meat or vegetables; Switzerland is famous for its delicious cheese... And what about Great Britain? You can learn it from my essay. English food has a bad reputation abroad. This is most probably because foreigners in England are often obliged to eat in more “popular” type of restaurant. Here it is necessary to prepare food rapidly in large quantities, and the taste of the food inevitably suffers; though its quality, from the point of view of nourishment, is quite satisfactory. Still, it is rather dull and not always attractively presented.
Fast food outlets are now more common in Britain than they are in most other countries. The most popular are for example: Fish and chips and the sandwich and the Cornish pasty. Fish and chips are made from white sea fish such as cod, batter-coated and fried in oil, with chipped potatoes, salt and vinegar. The sandwich and the Cornish pasty is sandwich filled with meat and vegetables baked in pastry crust. They originated as a bandy way for farm labourers to take their lunch to work. Fast food comes much cheaper, usually under 10 pounds. Apart from the numerous individually owned fish and chips shops, there are many fast food chains in Britain, such as McDonalds Burger King, Pizza Hut and KFC.
It is self-evident that you know typical Czech food, such as tomato sauce, sirloin sauce...Now I would like to show you typical British food which you probably don’t know enough. Like in the Czech republic British people start their day with breakfast. In many countries breakfast is a snack rather than a meal, but the traditional English breakfast is full meal. A full English breakfast can include fried bacon and egg, mushrooms, sausage, tomatoes, freed bread and black pudding. Some people have a cereal or porridge to begin with. Yorkshire ham is also a breakfast speciality. Afterwards come toast, with butter and marmalade, and perhaps some fruit. Tea or coffee is drunk with meal.  

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