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27 Technology

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Přidáno: 16.09.2010 00:23
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 27. Technology, science and us

Science and technology are moving so fast that it is difficult to keep up with all new developments. Mechanization, automation and robots make people’s work easier in many branches of industry, and have become a common occurrence.
Progress in the 20th century is based on new discoveries and developments in sciences. In physics / it is particularly the relativity theory – Albert Einstein or the quantum theory – Max Planck /, mathematics / computers /, chemistry / new materials /, engineering / power-driven machines, numerically operated machines /, biology / public sanitation /, biotechnology, medicine, etc.
I will start with computers that have found their way in various jobs and control a number of processes. Since the 1960s, when the first electronic computer was developed, computers have undergone dramatic changes in size, speed, software and price. Extensive research is being carried out to develop a computer that could communicate with people by means of a human language, or even by reading human thoughts.
In business, computers are used to store, process and retrieve data at a speed that is thousand times faster than formerly. Computers have enabled home working for women with children or people living in distant places, who would have to commute to work every day. The general public use personal computers mainly as word processors and to run the family budget.
The Internet / the information highway / enables people to get information that is normally unavailable – from world libraries, museums and other institutions including business and finance offices. You can also send and receive e-mail letters that reach their destinations in a few seconds or minutes irrespective of the distance.
Owing to unprecedented progress in medicine, modern man lives much longer. Public sanitation has eliminated many of the lethal-diseases such as plague, dysentery, tuberculosis and diabetes. Many cures have been found for infectious diseases, flu, diabetes, etc. Penicillin / an antibiotic that kills bacteria / was discovered by Alexander Fleming in 1928, insulin by F.Sanger in 1958. Many people survive serious injuries thanks to blood transfusions and sophisticated operations with the use of the latest apparatuses / laser /. Quite a few people live longer owing to transplanted organs, such as heart, kidneys, lungs or liver.
Scientists have cloned a sheep, a pig and a monkey, and hope to use this method to clone and replace sick organs in humans. People who are unable to have children can have a tube baby.

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