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Choosing a career

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Přidáno: 05.12.2010 11:36
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Choosing a career is a very important step in everybody's life. Most children and some students don't have clear ideas about their job. Boys usually want to be pilots, astronauts, designers, architects, soldiers and etc. Girls on the other hand dream about becoming actresses, singers, ballet - dancers, dressmakers, nurses or teachers. Some children want to follow their parents or parents want their children to work in the same line as they did.
If man wants to do something a lot, then everything is possible and real. It only depends on him. If he proves it. He has to use and develope his talent, skills on knowledge. I'm sure these sentences aren't only a dream but that they'll become true in the future
When I was a child I had never thought about my future career. I was influenced by stories and fairy-tales and I wanted to have various adventures. Hardly any of those came true because children’s views of the world are too romantic. Then I started to attend Basic School and all my dreams changed. I was interested in many things - in nature, music, practising sports (volleyball, swimming), in culture (going to the cinema, to the theatre, seeing exhibitions), in reading. I was quite good at school, I liked all my school subjects. My plans for my future career changed from day to day. I wanted to be an actor, a cook, a vet, a scientist, a postman, a teacher, a hairdresser, a journalist, a judge, an artist… Later my parents advised me to go on to Secondary School. During my studies I began to think about my future more seriously and so did my parents. It was not easy. I wanted to work with people; I wanted to do something meaningful for them. I did not like those people who were lazy or abused their jobs.
Now I want to study a law in the Prague, because it’s the job, which is very interesting and alluring for me. It’s a very difficult school, but I hope that I will realize it.
But once a person decides on his future calling, he should be sure of his choice. His occupation should bring him joy and satisfaction from a job well done. Unfortunately they’re more and more people all the time who are not happy with their jobs. I personally would like to help all people without destination of age or nationality. That should be the content of all of our lives. We should help others and bot just think about ourselves. Unfortunately, selfishness and hared among people is the rule of the day.
Therefore, whatever we do, we must always add a bit of love and  

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