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The nice visit from the Great Britain

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The nice visit from the Great Britain

Lucie is my cousin. She was born in Czech Republic, but now she is living in Great Britain. When she was here, we were very good friends. But she left to the England 3 years ago. She is quite tall, has very short black hair. Her face looks like a princess and her eyes are brown. She is very slim and has such a big nose. She usually wears jeans and a T-shirt or a sweater.
She is quite frank, helpful, clever, obstinate and reliable. She's very temperament and never tired. She seems to tell me almost everything about herself.
It is really fun to be with her. She has incredible sense of humor. We have nearly the same hobbies and sometimes the same opinion.
So when she came to the Czech Republic, she wanted to spend a lot of time with me.

Our program:

The first day

First, we went to the Prague for 2 days.
We started our walk guide in the Prague Castle. There are a lot of palaces (f.e. Old and New Royal Palace) in the Prague castle. There are representative buildings of the rulers and homes of many Bohemian and foreign dynasties there. We saw here all architectonic types (Romanesque, Gothic, Baroque or Classicism); very important was the influence of modern architect Josip Plečnik (statues, halls or renovation of Gardens of the Prague Castle).
From the Prague Castle we continued over the Castle Stairs to the Lesser Town. On Lesser Town Square there are palaces and St. Nicolas Church, baroque building with a dominant dome and belfry.
Then we went to the Klementium. Klementinum was originally a monastery and then a famous Jesuit college and academy, now it is the National library of the Czech Republic. Near this building is the Old Town Square, the most important square in historical Prague. Its dominant is the gothic Old Town Hall. The most beautiful for my cousin was an astronomical clock from 15th century completed further with the new calendar sheet. Every hour the clock bells and the twelve Apostles are going above the clock. Lucie liked it very much.
Here we finished our walk, because we were very tired. We found a nice hotel in the centre of the town.

In the evening we went to the National Theatre and there we saw the performance called Sluha dvou pánů. It is a performance by Carlo Goldoni. Miroslav Donutil played the leading role. It was an absolutely amazing comedy. We were laughing during the performance very much.
Then we went to bed at the hotel.

The second day

We woke up too late, so we had lunch in hotel and then we went to the city. It was a very nice weather, so we went to the trip. We visited the Viewtower of Petřín. Then we came back and we went around of the city center, because there are many shops and restaurants. Lucie bought very nice presents for her friends from England.
Then we had a dinner in pizza restaurant. After dinner we went to the disco to the pub called Babylon.
Then we went to bed at the hotel.

The third day

The third day in the morning we left the Prague and we went to Liberec to the ZOO. There is the most beautiful ZOO in Czech Republic. Lucie very likes the animals, so she was happy in ZOO. We were there about 4 hours. Then we went to Ústí nad Labem, where we had a dinner with our family in our house. It was very nice, because when our family is together we have a good time.
In the evening we went to the pub. I met my friends there. They  

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