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Introducing New York and Washington D.C.

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Popis: Introducing New York and Washington D.C.

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Introducing New York and Washington D.C.

New York
New York is the largest city in the USA and an industrial port. It lies on the river Hudson and East River. There live 18 million people in N.Y. and 50 percent of them are white, 25 percent are black and the last 25 percent are Hispanic.
N.Y. has 5 boroughs - they are Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens and Staten Island.
It is one of the most important financial, commercial and cultural centres all over the world. There are more than 80 languages used here and about 100 religions - for example Catholicism, Jewish communities.

The first people to come here were Indians - they were called so by Columbus. The first European was Giovanne da Verresano - he lived in Spain and he came here in 16th century. Later one bridge was named after him.
Next some Dutch men came and they founded New Amsterdam on the oldest part of Manhattan Island. They bought this Island from Indians for 25 Dollars. In the 17th century first slaves came here.
In 1664 a struggle between England and Holland finished and New Amsterdam became an English colony. English king Charles II. Gave it to his brother Duke of York and the city was renamed New York.
After the war of independence in 1789, when American people won, New York became the capital of the United States for 2 years.
In 19th century many emigrants came here, because people could choose their religion here and their religion or language was respected here. During 2nd world war many clever people from Europe were leaving here (Albert Einstein) so N.Y. became an intellectual centre. Lots of those people stayed also here after the war.
Immigrants formed their own parts of city as Chinatown, Little Italy, Harlem - people from Mexico or Portorico, Soho - these are special parts for people from China, Italy or Africa.

After opening the Erie canal, which connected the Great lakes with Atlantic, N.Y. became an important port and people could travel there by ship. N.Y. has 3 main airports - for example J.F. Kennedy International Airport. There is a subway too, which is one of the largest and oldest in the world. There are yellow taxis called cabs for poorer people. You can use buses and trains the whole day. Some trains stations are very old but their quality is good.

The Times Square is a place of theatres and concert halls. Very popular for new talent is Broadway, where are 40 theatres.
The largest museum of modern art in the world is the Museum of Modern Art. There are many famous pictures by Piccaso, V. van Gogh, Matisse, architectural models and photographs there.
Guggenheim museum shows more than 5000 paintings by old and modern arters. Solomon Guggenheim was a patron of arts and financed this museum.
Town plan:
N.Y. has a system of avenues and streets, which are numbered, they don’t have names. There are 15 avenues, which go from north to south and 200 streets which go from west to east. There isn't this system of streets beside the Broadway. Broadway is a famous centre of theatres.
The centre of financial life is Wall Street and it is situated in the south of the city, where is the Stock

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