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23 Sports and Games

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 23. Sports and Games



The sign “Sport for Health!” can be seen at many places where we go to practice sports. It is true that sports help us to keep our bodies in good physical condition. They keep us in good mental condition as well, for they offer us relaxation and rest. Doing sports helps us lose a few of our excess kilos.

In the modern world the positive attitude to sports is becoming something of a trend and a hit. Young people, and not just them, try to look sporty and dress in sporty clothes. We go to practice sports at various playgrounds, sports halls, covered pools, stadiums, tennis courts, and fitness centres.

We can divide sports into three categories – summer, winter and all-season sports. Among the summer sports are athletics (Marathon race, long and middle distance runs, sprints, hurdling, decathlon, javelin throw, discus throw, hammer throw, shot put, long jump, triple jump, high jump, pole vaulting), aquatic sports (swimming, rowing, canoeing, windsurfing, water skiing, rafting) and ball games (football, volleyball, handball, baseball, softball, rugby, tennis, squash, golf). Among winter sports are skiing (slalom, down-hill, cross-country), ski jumping, bobsledding, snowboarding, figure skating, ice dancing, speed skating and ice hockey. Among the all-season sports are, for example, basketball, gymnastics, table tennis, wrestling, boxing, weightlifting, bodybuilding, and sport dancing. Every one of us has the right to choose whatever sporting activity he likes.

We can devote ourselves to sports either as individuals or as a collective – an entire team. Among such collective sports is soccer. Almost every Czech boy likes to kick a ball around with his friend on a football ground and almost every adult man is an admirer or fan of some professional football team. Altogether eleven players move around a soccer playing field during a match. One man on each side is charged with catching the ball at the goal – he’s called the goalkeeper. Other players are the backs, forwards and the so-called reserve. The entire match, as in the case of the other sports, is watched over by a referee with a whistle.

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