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16 Shopping

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Přidáno: 16.09.2010 00:16
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16. Shopping


When we are short of some things that we need, we go to the nearest shop. We should be able to get what we need there. If it does not come true, we must go to a different one. The most commonly frequented shops are food stores. That’s where we go to buy what is the most important for us and it is also the most in demand – food and drinks. In a small shop or stand the shopkeeper himself assists us. In a supermarket we take a trolley or a basket and we pick our food ourselves. Most food stores have not one but several departments.

The fruit and vegetable counter is a separate department too. There the shop assistant weighs the client’s fruit and vegetables or he can do it himself. Sometimes the price is given on a per-item basis. There is usually a wide selection of fruit and vegetables – ranging from products that can be grown in our climate to exotic tropical fruit such as bananas, pineapples and mangos. 

In a supermarket we can put into our basket goods that we’ve chosen according to our needs. We buy flour, sugar and salt less frequently. This food is usually packed in one-kilo bags. Spices are also often sold in small packages – cumin, black pepper or paprika.

Nowadays clients are offered a large selection of pre-cooked foods, which make the task of cooking easier – for instance, dry soups in bags, sauces and pasta. As for soft drinks, we can find here lemonade, orange or apple juice and mineral water; adults can also choose beer, wine, cognac, plum brandy etc.

If we want to buy salami or meat for lunch, we must go to the butcher’s shop. In a well-stocked store, we can buy pork, beef, mutton, lamb or poultry. Sometimes we purchase fish or venison.

If we are not satisfied with the local supermarket’s selection of baked goods, we have to go to a bakery. Such a store can be found very easily because the air outside is full of the warm scent of fresh bread, crispy rolls and baguettes.

In what other stores, besides food stores, do we do our shopping­?

At the drugstore we select soap, shampoo, toothbrush and toothpaste. For man there are shaving accessories – electric shavers, after-shave lotions and deodorants. Women can choose from an almost unlimited choice of beauty aids.

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