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12 Entertain ment

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Přidáno: 16.09.2010 00:10
Kategorie: Maturitní otázky
Předmět: Angličtina
Známka: 1.8
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Popis: Maturitní texty

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 12. Entertainment


In my free time I devote myself to a lot of hobbies. When I’m in the mood I go to the cinema with my friends. They’re almost always showing good movie. I like comedies and romantic films. But my boyfriend, though, finds these movies dull and uninteresting. As he’s fond of films with a lot of action, we have to reach a compromise. Sometimes the advertising on television captivates me much that I can’t resist and simply have to see the film. Once in a while it happens that I don’t like movie at all. One never knows what to expect. That applies not only to selecting a movie. I think that cinema is useful not just for our entertainment and relaxation; through film and the movie screen we learn a lot of interesting things.

I’m also one of the great theatre buffs. Way back when I was little I used to take part in a drama group. We studied different plays. But then, when I started attending secondary school, my activity in our school ensemble came to an end.

In order that we should be able to go to the movies or attend theatre performances, we have to buy a ticket. The price of a ticket varies greatly. Cinema tickets usually cost about fifty crowns, while tickets to the theatre may cost many times more. That’s also why we don’t attend theatre as often as we go to the movies. But it is important to go to the theatre as well, because it does provide many answers to our questions and may help us to understand life better.

Cinemas and theatres are the most popular cultural activities. Many of us, however, also like to visit art exhibitions. Every city has exhibition spaces, where the individual exhibitions take place. Each one has its visiting hours posted, in order that we should know when the exhibition is open. The most frequent are picture exhibitions. The exhibition may present the work of a single artist or sometimes it presents the work of several artists on a single theme. People who visit such exhibitions are mainly experts in painting, sculpture, and students of art school. Just about everyone has at least some interests in art. In entering an exhibition hall we must usually pay a certain fee. Besides the exhibition of paintings, there are exhibitions of photographs, statues, as well as objects made of wood, iron, glass etc.

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